College Football USA ’97 – The Road to New Orleans

Having red-green colourblindness makes this game <i>difficult.</i>
Having red-green colourblindness makes this game difficult.

This is a football game.

I don’t really know much about football, although it is the major sport the fascinates me the most and thus I have considered pursuing further knowledge of it.

What I do know is that this is a game where controlling your players is like playing croquet with a wrecking ball, on ice.  And unlike other football games I’ve played, a pass’s success is determined by your ability to get your dude on the little X that marks the pass location.  The combination of the two is immensely frustrating.

As mentioned above, I am also colourblind to some extent, especially with red/green.  I’m not sure if it’s the bad graphics or just my own feeble head-meats, but I cannot tell what’s going on when the players clump together.  Especially since apparently every team wears red or green and plays on a bright green field.

I didn’t finish a game, but I got really close to a touchdown.  At which point some asshole tackled me on the fucking goal line, just far enough away that I didn’t get the points.