Championship Pool


You know what? I like this game. I mean, as a pool game, it does the job sufficiently. You can shoot the ball, and make little angles, and all that. What more do you want?

No, seriously. Let’s have a dialogue here.

What do you expect from a conversation about a capable-enough pool simulation on the SNES? Hindsight makes it virtually impossible to talk about the technology in any meaningful way. It’s a 2D game. Physics for balls moving around a table are pretty simple to get. Balls on a table.

Is that what you want? Balls jokes? I am sure I can get plenty of those. I wanna put my balls in the pocket. Solid balls are great. I try to avoid black balls until the end. Balls. Lots of balls on a table. Balls balls balls.

There is some stuff in this game that’s funny in its own right. Wanna hear about that? Playing the tournament mode puts you against some awful looking characters:


I am wondering if Randy took a page out of a book HE wrote, or if this is just a stupid mistake. His mouth starts neutral, and when he wins, which is pretty often, it turns into a pedo grin, and when he loses, you see the above monster-frown.

Are you satisfied? Do you get it now? Do I need to talk about my childhood more? Here: I always wanted ot play pool but couldn’t go to bars and nobody I knew had a pool table. Except one guy. I think I tried it once but it was usually covered in books and stuff.

If you like pool, play pool on a modern system. If you’re very bored, play it on an SNES. It’s passable.

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