Champions World Class Soccer

How dare you!

No, seriously, where do you get the audacity to give an American a soccer game to review*? Okay, so some of us do pay attention to the sport, but really, now, it’s a crap shoot, and I’m the damn snake eyes. Alright, maybe I’m more of a point, but it’s a low-probability point, like four or something. Try to roll a four again. No, really, go for it. What…nine? Alright, fine, try again. Seven? Yeah, that’s what I thought. No pass for you.

I mean, the most exposure I’ve had to soccer video games would probably have to be the couple times or so I’ve played Fifa 09, usually with other people (honestly, the only way you really should have to play most sports video games), so I don’t have much with which to compare this. Actually, I have trouble playing sports games on the Super Nintendo in general. I just can’t seem to care much.

The whole ordeal between myself and 16-bit sports games could probably be summed up as follows:

  • Most Super Nintendo games of a given sport are fairly similar.
  • Sports games in general have very specific controls, and for the most part, I have no manuals to pull from, so it’s a bit of experimentation while I try to figure things out.
  • My attention span with most SNES sports games is usually limited to around five to ten minutes, after which if I haven’t already figured things out, I’ve lost interest and drifted back to episodes of Top Gear or something equally more interesting.

So in conclusion, I’d recommend watching Top Gear over playing this game, any time.

* Sorry, I mean “football” for those of you who come from countries where you don’t play football with your hands.