Captain Commando

Today’s Captain Commando review comes from our special guest author Karen! If you like her stuff, let us know!

Captain Commando
Captain Commando

Type: Side scrolling action

Characters: You get to play as one of four commandos each with their own special attack.

Who do you want to be? Duh the Mummy!
Who do you want to be? Duh the Mummy!

Mummy Commando (aka Mack the Knife)

  • Alien warrior
  • He uses 2 knifes
  • Special attack is spinning with blades out

Captain Commando

  • Captain of the commandos (hence the name)
  • He uses an energy glove
  • Special attack is electrifying the floor on both sides.

Baby Commando

  • Super smart baby who rides an robot suit he designed
  • Special attack is explosives on both sides

Ninja Commando (aka Ginzu the Ninja )

  • Master of Ninjitsu
  • He uses a sword
  • Special attack is jumping and setting off explosives

Plot:You beat up mutants or aliens. No idea why. The description is here if you must know.

Controls: Just 3 buttons and the arrows. Y = attack, B =jump and A = special.

Lives: 5

Levels: There are 9 levels. City, museum, ninja house, circus, seaport, aquarium, underground base, enemy’s spaceship and callisto.

The game is pretty easy to play. Mashing the attack button yields different animations. The commando punches, kicks, grabs by the throat and throws enemies all with the same button. The special attacks are powerful but drain your life. Mack’s attack is the best as you can move around the screen while spinning.

There are also power ups hidden in crates and barrels (shock!). These last a short time. Way too short in the case of the bazooka. Only 2 shots! Totally unfair. Other power ups are the mallet, knife, throwing star and gun.

You start a level then beat up everyone in your path. Then there is a boss fight. Most of the levels follow this same pattern. Except the seaport.

In the seaport level you ride a hover board chasing after a mad scientist. I passed the level in spite of crashing into barriers multiple times. Also there were random power ups on other hover boards. Maybe if I figured out how to get to the machine gun, it would have helped. Not sure if the guitar or saxophone would have.

Saxophone of power
Saxophone of power

When you die you get the option of switching characters. Which is useful if you want to see if a different special attack will help.

In the end I did not finish the game. I made it to the underground base which is level 7 of 9. Much further than I thought I would get considering the type of game.

My favorite part was that 2 of the enemies, Carol and Marbin, would electrocute and inflame respectively their companions. Nothing says teamwork like collateral damage.

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