Taito!  Bust-A-Move comes to the SNES from the classic arcade days.  It’s a joyful coin-popper, filled with cuteness, and interesting gameplay challenges.

It’s a fairly standard puzzle game.  Line up three bubbles.  The burst.  Yay.  But, truth be told, it’s incredibly thrilling.  It is one of many games that has figured out that humans work on classical conditioning.  When someone does something that you want them to do over (line up three bubbles, play the game, etc.), reward them with a cutesey little sound, and sparkly colours, and the dinosaurs getting happy!  Lo and behold, they’ll do it again, and again, and again!

Take that bubbles!
Take that bubbles!

The game has everything you want in a puzzle game: simple concept and limitless possibilities at varying difficulty levels.  You can play solo, or against a friend, or even against the computer.  You can use the password system to continue later.  There are hours of entertainment to be had with this game.  And to you single male gamers out there, *pst*, between you and me, this game is really good for picking up girls at parties.  For some reason that, up to present defies analysis, it would appear many gamers of the female persuasion are particularly amused by this game.  Hone your skills now just in case you have the chance to use this pick up lin… errr… game… at the next party.

Verdict: Bust-A-Move is a classic good time for one or two players. The concept is straightforward, suitable for players young and old, male and female, and has tonnes of replay value.  You could lose an hour, a day, or find yourself picking up the controller every few months to keep popping those bubbles, and you’d be smiling the whole time.

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