Bugs Bunny: Rabbit Rampage

Rabbit Rampage
Rabbit Rampage

“Nyyyehhh, what’s up with this game, Doc?”

“Nothing‘s ‘up’, Bugs, that’s what! In fact, everything about this game is wayyy, waaayyyyy down.”

Way to kick a dog when it’s down!

“Ain’t I a stinker?”

“Yes, yes you are. In this game, anyway. Huge respect, though, you’re one of the greatest comedians of all time, IMHO. Certainly the greatest cartoon character that ever lived. Better than that What’s-his-name Mouse, anyway…”

“Awww, shucks…”

“Yeah, I loved the way you used the carrot as a comedic device, you know, like Groucho Marx used the cigar? And that Wagner parody you did with Elmer Fudd — “kill de wabbit, kill de wabbit, kill de WABB-iiiit!” Oh, and that “Duck Season/Rabbit Season” routine you did with Daffy? Priceless.”

“Nyyyehhh shyadd-ehhhp!”

“Nah, seriously man, huge respect. It’s a pity Warner Bros. didn’t respect you enough to animate your videogame themselves. They just pimped your name and likeness to those hacks at Sunsoft. They couldn’t animate to save their grand-mamas. I mean, even your walking animation stinks.”

“Shoulda taken that left toin at Albukoikee.”

You’re telling me! What a pile of suck!  Such a proud tradition of quality animated comedy reduced to a game developer’s crude approximation!  Disney would never settle for something like this!


“Of course you realise, this means war!”

“Whatcha gonna do, Bugs? Sue them for defamation of character or something? You know the US office closed down, right? What’s that? You’re going to Japan? Yeah, I got that part, but why are you stuffing grenades in the ice cream? Bugs?  Bugs?! Oh no, not againBUGS!!”




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