Here is a screenshot of this video game.  I have nothing clever to say about it.
Here is a screenshot of this video game. I have nothing clever to say about it.

This is a game where you are…a cat?  A police cat, whose goal is to…collect floating badges, while moving to the right.  I didn’t watch the cutscene to begin the game.  I think some guy in a robe stole some jewels.  I am following him.  Presumably, he is to the right.

You can jump, and throw bombs, and dash. There are enemies.  I guessed that I had to jump on them, and I was correct.  Bombs also worked.  One of them was a piece of living luggage.  I can’t begrudge that, though.  I mean, I am a police cat.

In the second stage of the game, I discovered a secret path that required the use of your dash button, and pinpoint jumping off of falling chandeliers, and if you screwed up you had to go back and let the sprites respawn from off screen.  Ah, the SNES.  That off-screen respawn was like quickloading for my elementary school years.  It always felt like cheating, just like hitting that F5 button does now.

I played this game for about five minutes.  It’s pretty much identical to any other generic platformer with an anthropomorphic animal as a main character.  I actually stopped and went through our archives to make sure nobody had already reviewed it by mistake, because it looked so familiar.

Nonetheless, it is playable and smooth and I could see why someone would enjoy it.  Oh, for the days when uncreative shovelware still had production values and decent gameplay.

Bonkers is far from bonkers.  It is disappointingly sane, and it fits like a plain red brick into the vast wall of SNES platformers.

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