Best Of The Best Championship Karate


If you’re going to play this game, the best part is within the first 15 seconds. You are choosing a fighter, and it allows you to pick a different one… but it just copies and pastes another head of a different ethnicity on top of the same racially-ambiguous body. It looks really tacked-on and super unclassy. After that it’s a fighting game where you and this other guy try to hit each other.

What’s good to say about it? there are plenty of frames of animation. It ends up feeling like a weird Don Bluth-inspired fighting match, except not really cartoony. It’s just got that incredibly unnerving movement to it. The kind that makes you feel like you’re watching something a little surreal. I mostly got my ass kicked, and couldn’t really ever figure out why. He blocked my moves and when I tried to block his moves, it didn’t work.

There’s a cartoony referee who pops up and gets really intense in your face every once in a while. There’s also a broad who holds up a sign saying what round you’re on. Honestly, I have never had so little to say about a game. It feels more like the worst tech demo ever made than it does a game of any sort.

I did, however, play it on my Mad Catz Street Fighter IV Fightpad. If I were reviewing that, this’d be a whole lot more glowing. THEY ARE GREAT CONTROLLERS.

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