Beavis and Butthead

I came to MTV relatively late.

GWAR in concert

My parents were both frugal and moral, not wanting me to fall under the thrall of the rock music, nor to shell out the extra cash so as to allow access to a possible cultural touchstone for a Canadian child. For the most part I’m thankful for this, by the time I cared there were dvds and youtube to supply all of the best bits, (The Sifl and Olly show is excellent) and between two I am now a well-rounded 90’s teen. At 25.

The one gap that was never filled in was Beavis and Butthead. There were stern lectures about it being forbidden “one cuts off another’s finger with a chainsaw, disgusting!” and by the time I cared about Mike Judge there was probably better stuff to be had. The movie was good and since then there have been countless seasons of the considerably more dry King of the Hill. Office space seems like a popular point of reference, but rarely does my cultural atmosphere include someone who thinks that it’s vital.

This game is puzzling. Created in ’94 by Viacom New Media, it seems to be in the middle of a kind of identity crisis. It would be a beat-em-up if there was any sort of combat system. It would be a platformer if it had platforms. It would be a puzzle-platformer if it had any puzzles. It plays a little bit like A Boy and His Blob. Except the blob doesn’t do anything. And you can slap it. Repeatedly.


The plot centres around going to a gwar show, no matter what the cost, something I think we all can identify with. Did you see them in yourtown? They fuckin’ ruled, I got so much fake semen on me I had to take a shower afterward. Yeah I know, pretty crazy. Apparently this involves running through a number of environments where everyone hates you and tries their level best to beat the ever-loving crap out of you. You get a series of questionably effective weapons, everyone else gets wrenches and scalding water. Hardly fair.

I would not suggest playing this game unless you want to feel like you just came out of a gwar show. It will give you tinnitus and a slightly disgusted feeling.

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