Bass Masters Classic: Pro Edition

We havin' fun yet?

Facts about me.

1) I hate fish.
2) I hate the way fish look.
3) I hate the way fish taste.
4) I hate fishing.
5) I hates games about fishing.
6) I would rather munch on my grandmother’s mangy decrepit box than play this game again.

I’ll be honest here. I had this game growing up, not that I ever played it but I can damn sure remember my dad playing. So I called Daddy up and asked him what he remembered about the game (so that I can get out of actually playing this) and while he didn’t remember much, he did remember the feeling that he had wasted a couple bucks buying it. Not a good start.

I played this game for 10 minutes. 10 minutes of boring. Here’s how things go for me. I turn the game on, I’m unimpressed by it’s graphics. The music is annoying, I hit the mute button on my laptop. I select a fisherman, I get out onto the water. Woopity do.

I cast my rod in, get it a little wet, pull out, go home. Just another day, I guess.

Don’t play this game.

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