Art Of Fighting


Apparently, I skipped a week.   See, I was getting ready to upload my review for Bassmaster’s Classic Pro Edition (fuck), I signed into WordPress and saw the last game reviewed was Arkanoid. So either everyone, including myself, skipped a week or I’m a fucking moron. Survey says …

For those who don’t know, in the early 90s, arcades and consoles around the world had huge technological hard-ons for fighting games.  After the release of Street Fighter, everyone, their cousin, and their creepy neighbor who smells like soup mix, released a fighter. (the) Art of Fighting is one of those games that really came into it’s own on the Neo-Geo and even spawned a few much better followups.  But here’s the thing, the Super Nintendo is not the Neo Geo and we sometimes got ports that were huge pieces of shit.

(the) Art of Fighting’s plot is simple enough.  Ryo’s sister gets kidnapped. Ryo and his friend Antonio Banderas go save her.  Along the way you uppercut some dudes. The end. Not much, but hey this story makes a hell of a lot more sense to me than anything in the Mortal Kombat universe.  The problem with this game is that it’s a huge chunk of shit. Moves are impossible to pull offand the AI feels like it was probably programmed by Jesus Christ, himself, to destroy you every time you play.  I can’t even get through this thing on easy, it’s that bad.  For a game that was released in 1992, it does alright on graphics and on sound but it’s a fucking shame this thing plays like it’s 1987.  I don’t know if it was my controller that became glitchy with just this one game but I could only use two buttons to pull off moves (excluding my L and R) so when there’s 2 other buttons just sitting there then I might as well be playing using an NES controller.

Seriously, this game feels broken.  If someone would give me the choice between having to play this game again or swallow a knife,  my insides would looks like Chilean fries by now.

Don’t play this game under any circumstances.

2 thoughts on “Art Of Fighting

  1. Now if the choices were to play this game or watch the made-for-TV animated movie of this game… You’d probably still find a knife and eat it.

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