Coooooome join the Warner Brothers and the Warner sister Dot. Just for fun, we run around the Warner movie lot. They lock us in the tower whenever we get caught. But we break loose, and then vamoose, and now you know the plot. We’re Animaniacs!

This is probably actually the first game that I’ve been excited about playing. I had a copy of this growing up and it never left my SNES for longer than a week’s time.  Hell, even my father was addicted to these little anthropomorphic dog / cat creatures.  (He’s since checked into a rehab where he shared a room with Jake the Snake Roberts and since throwing out the game, suffers from seperation anxiety)

Pinky and The Brain have stolen a new script from Warner Brothers, plan to direct/produce/edit the movie and then use the profits to take over the world.  The CEO of the WB wants the script back so he sends the Warner Brothers (and the Warner sister Dot) to go and retrieve it all the while they’re trying to avoid Ralph the Rent-A-Cop security guard who loves to hug.  Collect all the pages of the script,  and you’re done, that’s the game. Sound simple enough? Well, it’s not that fucking simple but it’s not a bad thing.  While the look and sound of this game feel like they’ve been ripped right from the show, the controls are a little tough to get used to and the lane system in the game is extremely challenging.  There are about 5 levels that you have to replay over and over again just to retrieve all the pages of the script but every time you play one through, you’ll have a great time. Even if you’re absolute shit at this game, you’ll still have fun cussing out the television screen and slapping yourself in the face to psyche yourself up to go again.

This is a game that really withstood the test of time and if you’re looking to kill a few hours really quickly (or are just feeling nostalgic), then this is the game for you.  I’m gonna go play this again.

Oh, and can anyone explain to me why the WB security guard is chasing the Warners even though the CEO of the company is the one who told them to go on this mission?

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