Alien Vs. Predator

Look at that hole in that wall! Holy toledo! It relaly looks like a hole in a real science fiction wall!
Look at that hole in that wall! Holy toledo! It really looks like a hole in a real science fiction wall!

Three things I don’t get:

1. Alien fanaticism
2. Predator fanaticism
3. Love for beat ’em ups

Seriously. I mean, don’t get me wrong; I liked Alien (but the second, third, and fourth movies didn’t really tickle me), and I liked Predator and even Predator 2 (for the laffs). But I don’t get the infatuation with making them fight each other in comics or video games or those terrible movies by that Anderson guy. And I definitely don’t get the point of games where you’re supposed to walk right and hit Y over and over until you get to the end. Now, to be fair, sometimes you hit B to JUMP and then Y, but really, it’s very little variety.

Now, in the defense of this game, it’s got some awesome art. Like, the backgrounds are as good as in a lot of the IREM games. That’s saying something because those guys knew how to draw a pixelly SNES background.

I really don’t know what to say. If you like mindless xenopunching, and picking up projectiles, and then throwing those projectiles, and you wonder who’d win in a fight between alien and predator (spoiler: all signs point to predator), check it out. If you’re not remotely bored, don’t bother. Seriously. WRITING this is boring.

3 thoughts on “Alien Vs. Predator

  1. No joke: this is one of the few SNES games that I’ve actually finished. My brother owned it and I will never unhear the weird “quack” noise some of the aliens make when they die.

  2. I’m curious, Will; do you dislike all the beatemup genre? Everything from Castle Crashers on back?

    I find that the genre would have really been much better if you could just move up or down more quickly, or otherwise become more mobile, so that dodging attacks became part of the gameplay. Most of the time it was literally just mash your attack button until the end.

    And yet Double Dragon was one of the hardest games on the NES. And Battletoads is one of the hardest on the SNES.

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