Air Cavalry


I used to live in a very rural area. Not rural like town of a few thousand, what I might call “subrural;” no, I was in a town of 800, near a couple towns of under 5000. The closest “city,” as it were, was Owen Sound, Ontario, with a whopping population of about 25,000. Owen Sound is subrural, but, where I lived, surrounded by cows and kids who talked about how awesome Massey Ferguson tractors are (seriously), it was as rural as rural came.

My dad was the minister at a presbyterian chruch for chicken farmers, dairy farmers, corn farmers, and, oddly, nuclear plant employees (we were near a plant called Bruce A, which was shut down in 1998, around the same time we moved to Ottawa. It was a huge blow to the tiny village, as they employed most of these people; I’ve heard it since re-opened).

Every girl in that town loved horses. In a way that’d only be considered tacky in a urban or suburban school, horses adorned sweatshirts, binders, hats, pencils, pencil cases, pencil sharpeners, and anything else with enough flat space to fit a palamino. While the boys were tractor-crazy (I wasn’t joking: Massey Ferguson. If you know what that is, you are probably from my hometown.), the girls were horse-crazy.

Air cavalry will not fulfill the fantasies of those young girls. It’s about helicopters. There’s a bunch of mode 7, and a HUD that takes up half the screen so your SNES can process it all. You fly around and shoot things in a helicopter. It looks pretty cool, but it’s one of those games where you go around and it feels easy but after a while it feels as if the difficulty gets raised artificially and dying becomes “cheap.” Then again I always thought planes were cooler than helicopters. This is probably because of those delicious candies they sold for a wihle that taught me what an F-14 Tomcat and a B-2 Bomber were. What were those candies? It’s lost to the annals of history, I suppose. Like this game was until today.

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