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There are a number of reasons for me to be stoked about this week’s entry. This week’s game review is on Aerosmith Fighters, one of my favorite games to ever be released for the Super Nintendo, which also means that I got to squeeze my fat ass into a pair of zebra spandex and tease my hair.  For those who aren’t familiar with this technological masterpiece, Aerosmith Fighters is the first fighting game in the Aerosmith Fighters gaming franchise.  Released in 1993 by Eataconch Games, while being praised for it’s soundtrack, Aerosmith Fighters  received poor reviews mostly due to it’s lackluster gameplay, difficult AI and ridiculous title characters which is uh … TOTAL BULLSHIT.   Do you realize how many times growing up I dreamt of  beating the shit out of Steven Tyler all the while listening to ”Dude Looks Like A Lady”? Or how many times all I would ask for Christmas was the chance to give this guy a fat lip? Wait, scratch that last one …

Anatomically Correct.
Anatomically Correct.

Fuck. I’ve been writing about the wrong game. Take two. Okay, so as it turns out this week’s review is actually supposed to be about Aerofighters, the vertical scrolling shoot-em-up released in 1992.  This game isn’t bad.  No seriously, I don’t have too many bad things to say about this game other than a few little gripes.  Aerofighters isn’t an impossibly hard game, in fact, it’s pretty fucking simple.  I only played the Japanese campaign but from what I’ve read, it’s all pretty much the same. You pilot a fighter plane, shoot shit, move to the next level all in the name of your country’s quest for global domination, and somewhere down the line you fight a flying monkey.  Despite floating monkey dicks throwing fireballs at you, this game doesn’t suck.

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