You cannot afford it. <i>Peasant</i>
You cannot afford it. Peasant

On my way home from Ottawa I got to the airport 15 minutes before my flight. The deskworker said “You missed your flight, pay us $150 to rebook. Now I can do the math and realize that if I argued my way onto said plane it would take 15 minutes minus the time it takes to go through security and everything so I just forked the money over. When I found out that I would get to review Aerobiz I was ecstatic. Airports are ripe for some of the best kinds of exploitive piracy today. It’s this insane hermetic environment where suddenly everything costs like 3 times more and you can’t get a drink. Kind of like Dubai, I guess.

It seemed like it would be a game that could basically review itself. Run airports, make thousands of dollars, squash out all competition.

It was not to be so.

This game is part of the oddly named executive series. Either you play executives in all of them, or they were marketed for executives. I cannot think of one person who would come home after a hard day of running the cogs of industry to play a game about doing that same thing.

I should note really quickly that I suck at this game and that is definitely a part of my dislike for it. Also your advisory staff is patented and unmitigated balderdash. They tell you to negotiate routes to New York because tourism there will be so hot right now. I spend two quarters negotiating the routes and buying up DC-8s to fly them. I am ready for my assault on all competition. What happens? I can’t run a flight there. Bastard yanks jack up the price of running a flight there because tourism is going so well. Not cool Aerobiz, not cool.

It is one of the slowest games in existence. There are confirmation menus for everything and, if you’re really good, you’re treated to a little Mode-7 flyover of the route you’ve just created. It is a rigorous simulation of being asked shiftily if you’re sure by nervous staffers catering to your senile and deranged whims while you close your eyes and dream of Boeings flying the friendly pixellated skies for like 5 minutes.

Also it’s totally not a very rigorous simulation since I was Air Canada and the government didn’t prop my bloated carcass up when my business plan completely and utterly failed. I didn’t make it past 5 years.

5 thoughts on “Aerobiz

  1. I am currently playing aerobiz 2 via a sega genesis emulator, i find it to be somewhat of a hard game to figure out since there is no real doucmentation as to what all the buttons on screen mean! however after an hour with the game i’ve found it to be rather addictive, even to the point where i am looking up FAQS and such.

    Anyways thanks.

  2. Vancouver’s a sucky city to use. When I played, Vancouver was usually cannon fodder the contenders would always beat up on. Honolulu, Singapore and Sydney got the same treatment.

    You really don’t overthink the city selection. London’s best, then Tokyo, then New York, then Paris.

  3. Your first mistake was picking vancouver, horrible location in that time period for an airport, go with London. Secondly don’t start off by opening short routes that give no income, open routes connecting continents jack up the prices where you don’t have competition to about 25% and compete where you do. open hubs on every continent and connect them as best as you can them start small routes. guaranteed success. Don’t forget to run campaigns when you hit 16 cities so you can put your competition out of business, also a cheap way to get planes and a great way to make money is through charter companies. invest in companies outside of your area who don’t have much competition and sell the stock the ones that are in your area put them out of business and then buy out their shares around 5 bucks a share, getcha a few extra planes plus about 500k from selling their flight slots that you compete with.

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