Aero The Acro Bat

Aero gets his bat-ass handed to him.
Aero gets his bat-ass handed to him.

It’s funny how things turn out. I knew I had Angus, Scott, Brian and Mekki working with me on this blog, so I had to figure out the schedule. I figured I’d have Mekki go last, because he’s working on his thesis defense all week. For a reason I forget, I put Angus first. I wanted to see Scott and Brian’s reactions to the deplorable Yogi Bear and Rocky and Bullwinkle games. That left Aero the Acro Bat for me, which was nice, because when I was a kid, I had this game…

…For some reason.

Back in the day, when I got my SNES used (the same Xmas the N64 was released, no less!), it came with about seven games. Some classic Mario-related games (All-Stars, Kart, World), an NHL game, a couple more… and Aero The Acro Bat. It didn’t seem to fit, and yet, it did.

This game is actually pretty fantastic.

I know what you’re thinking; you’ve been burned many times by games with half-adorable, half-edgy anthropomorphic animal characters. I know. We ALL played Bubsy. But Aero is different! Each level has different, intriguing tasks, and a rather brutal time limit in which to do them. The Circus theme of the first few level is well-realized, and the sound is… well, it’s weird but enjoyable.

Aero’s main attack is jumping into the air, which bats totally do, then turning into a DRILL TO DRILL ENEMIES (something most bats don’t do; only the rare Drillbit Bat is known for this behaviour). His main enemies are a bunch of evil clowns that may or may not be robots (I can’t tell). You can jump through flaming hoops suspended in the air magically. This is awesome.

But most awesome is the noise Aero makes when he dies. Sort of a womanly scream, like someone walked in on your mom in the shower. You need to hear it to believe it.

I recommend this game unless you are scared of circuses, because there’s a lot of circus-ness in this title. That probably rules out the whole world, because who LIKES those creepy clowns? I put forward that NOBODY ISN’T SCARED OF CLOWNS.

One thought on “Aero The Acro Bat

  1. Even clowns are afraid of clowns. You know those little cars they drive around? Totally sound-proofed so you don’t hear the terrifying screams. It’s why they always look so happy as they coming pouring out the door.

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