Adventures Of Yogi Bear

Please do not feed THIS bear.

Let’s get this one out of the way, shall we? Growing up in the SNES era, I’ve played just about every game I could get my hands on but yet this game has eluded me thus far. Here are four reasons as to why I could have been avoiding this video game:


1)    Anthropomorphic bears are my biggest fear.
2)    In the cartoon, Yogi Bear was constantly speaking in rhyme, which gets old fast.
3)    Yogi Bear was a notorious food thief (and, speaking as a selfish fatty myself, this is an offense greater than MURDER.)
4)    Yogi Bear liked to brag about how smart  he was (although based on his endless number of failed schemes in his animated adventures,  I strongly doubt that he’s smarter than the average bear.)

As soon as you turn this bad boy on, you are greeted by the loudest, most obnoxious face in the whole world, and, oh shit, here comes Yogi Bear’s face flying at you at a million miles an hour screaming “HEEEEEEERRRREEEEE’SSSS YOGIIIII!!!” Oh fuck, this game is going to be awesome!

Probably a better video game than this.
Would probably be a better video game than this.

Nevermind. Click start, get to the first level, and all of a sudden you’re collecting clocks, making blue flowers go from 6 to 12, and making pic-a-nic baskets explode. What was that last one? Oh yeah, explode.  Now maybe it’s just that I am getting a little older now, and my memory isn’t what it used to be, but didn’t he use to eat the food and not make it explode? I guess I’ll have to wait until the upcoming live action Yogi movie (starring Kevin James) to find out the truth.

After wasting about an hour playing this game trying to figure out what the story could be about, I gave up. Not only does there not appear to be any sort of story at to this game, but it’s incredibly hard to get through. Even if you did miraculously finish this game, you won’t have any sort of desire to ever play it again.

If you’re still reading this and thinking “Hmm … I’ll just try this game out myself.” Get the rom, play it for an hour, and then delete it because you definately don’t want to buy this hunk of shit or have it clutter your hard drive.

What the fuck?
What the fuck?