The Adventures of Mighty Max

abusing penguins for fun and profit
abusing penguins for fun and profit

There’s something about any time someone mentions to me the concept of pride in one’s own work that immediately makes me think of that person as an old person. Our generation are the young, entitled, cut and run mercenaries destined to make it to the top of whatever cool job we want, preferably one that involves lots of free parties and a six figure paycheque. The idea of a workaday job that just pays the bills is seen as a failure by many people in their 20’s rather than being a temporary measure to keep things status quo before you move on.

Mighty Max must have been such a job. Released by Manchester development house Ocean (since renamed to Infogrames UK), it’s a quickly released franchise game based on a television series based on a toy line. I can’t vouch for it’s accuracy with relation to the series or the toys, but a quick search of wikipedia reveals that there was not much in the way of jewels, rings, penguins, or jumping. The game has all of these. In spades. Some platforms can be jumped through. Some can’t. The object is to bring a big metal thing to a portal, and then keep doing it until you win. There are points but they have no apparent effect. Did I mention penguins? In the middle of what appears to be a volcano, there are penguins. Everywhere. Much of this game centers around knocking them around and in some cases killing them.

Given that 20 minutes of playing Mighty Max drove me out of my mind, I can’t even imagine what the job would be like for the person making it. Maybe they were good-hearted but inept designers and programmers that had a dream that went thoroughly wrong. Somehow I think that they were counting the seconds to every smoke break and pub outing their lonely work would buy.

2 thoughts on “The Adventures of Mighty Max

  1. I like to imagine that these rushed franchise jobs are a room full of game designers and programmers smoking cigarettes and screaming as they each pitch bits and pieces of previous projects into some kind of communal design bin.

    “Come on, come on! What you got? I have some penguin sprites here.”
    “Uh, I have a volcano level?”
    “Volcanoes and penguins? That doesn’t make a goddamn lick of sense!”
    “Hey, you’re right, but guess what: FUCK MIGHTY MAX LET’S GET DESTROYED WITH LIQUOR”

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