New Format Incoming!

We’re restarting this epic quest on January 12th, in a new format: five writers,with posts coming every weekday.

While these five writers are already picked, I’m always looking for guest writers, and maybe even more staff writers. If you’re interested, send me a submission! 250-500 words, pick a game that starts with any letter except A (those ones are already in the works), with a screenshot of the game. NO NUMERICAL RATINGS. I don’t want to hear if a game’s a 7/10. Personal preference!

If you post on this entry, and let me know how to reach you, we’ll hook it up! And, if you just wanna read it, keep your eyes open for January 12th!


3 thoughts on “New Format Incoming!

  1. I read this blog a while back and missed it. I’m glad it’s surfacing again.

    I’d really enjoy writing a guest submission. I left my main email in the above field. Write to me!

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