Adventures of Dr. Franken

I’m not sure I understand the appeal during the 16-bit era to make biger sprites. The SNES allowed us to have guys on the screen that were bigger than they could have been on the NES, and a bunch of games jumped on this. What’s weird, though, is that the size of the sprites is often inversely proportional to the quality of the game.

Games with smaller sprites:
– All the Mario games
– Street Fighter
– Chrono Trigger

Games with bigger sprites:
– Dr. Franken
– Clayfighter 2
– Family Dog

Need I say more? This game feels kind of like a really, really cheap, awful clone of Castlevania, in a way. In that you climb stairs. That’s about it. You play Frankenstein’s Monster, if he looked like the 90s and was stupid. Your main attack is a useless kicking move. It’s actually a very funny animation in its awfulness.

This game is probably not worth checking out unless you are the HUGEST fan of Dr. Frankenstein’s Monster ever, and don’t mind something so ugly and so 90s that makes Zombies Ate My Neighbors look like a modern chic masterpiece, then you may just be in pig heaven when you play this game.

Adventures of Dr. Franken

4 thoughts on “Adventures of Dr. Franken

  1. I am looking for an arcade game from the mid to late 80’s, perhaps even VERY early 90’s

    you drove a tank with two joysticks that had a trigger each.

    The colours were brown/black backgrounds as you were looking top-down and you were always driving on dirt with craters.

    To move forward, both sticks were pushed forward, both sticks backward to go backwards, and making turns to the right would involve holding the right stick straight, and pushing the left one forward, and vice versa for left turns.

    When you pushed both sticks outward (left to the far left, and right stick to the far right) the tank would point its guns up in the air, and the shell you fire then went up in the air and impacted hard on the ground but taking out multiple targets.

    The game case was very narrow and only 4.5′ tall, and seemingly was meant to be placed in pool halls or stores to save space.

    I am looking to buy one, but I have no clue what the game is called.

    Can anyone out there help me???

  2. Kevin, was the arcade game Vindicators?

    The SNES’ screen resolution was identical to the NES’s (incidentally, Genesis screen height is the same, but it has a larger number of pixels horizonally), but there was definite variety in the degree to which each game used screen real estate. The ones with larger sprites always seemed to allow for less complexity in the design of the stages around them, and for games that attempted multi-tier levels with large sprites, you couldn’t see much of what was going on around you at any given time.

    Maybe that’s why people liked the NES Mega Mans better than 7?

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