Adventures of Batman and Robin

Another pleasant surprise!

For the lateness I apologize… I ended up playing this game a bit longer than I thought. That and I was watching hockey.

This game is fun! Full disclosure– I never really watched the Batman series. Or the movies. I am pretty woefully ignorant of the entire franchise, really. Never did it for me. This game, on the other hand, is stylish, fun, and full of face-punching. Not much to not love.


I love that Batman looks like somebody drew a silhouette of Arnold Schwarzenegger and just sort of filled it in with blue and grey. Doubly awesome because Arnold played his enemy at some point.

Actually, I did watch the original Batman series a fair bit as a kid. They need to resurrect two villains in the new movies:

1) Egghead. His “thing” was being Dr. Evil, pre Dr. Evil, if I remember correctly. Just cast Mike Myers and be done with it.

2) King Tut. Was that even his name? He was pharaohesque, anyway . And he had a voice more irritating than the sound of scraping Paris Hilton down a chalkboard.

Also, random Batman original series fact, but did you know that the guy who played the Riddler was actually, like, insane? Dude was CRAZY and Adam West was kind of afraid of him. No idea what’s become of him now. Maybe he’s in politics. I hope so. RIDDLE ME THIS, NANCY PELOSI.

3 thoughts on “Adventures of Batman and Robin

  1. Dude, you’re a really witty and intelligent writer. I hope you stay with this thing. Retro-gamers like myself will really appreciate and love it. Good luck.


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