Addams Family + Addams Family 2 + Addams Family Values

Weekends are tough for me, but I will try my best to keep up! Friday and Saturday were jam-packed with action excitement. Sunday, less so. Thankfully, the next three games are related, and, equally tripe.

Addams Family

Platform games. What a breed. When they’re good, they’re the best — Sonic the Hedgehog, among others, shows us that. It’s boggling to think of what they may have led to, as well; if not for the jumping physics in the Super Mario Bros games, would we have the interest in making something like a Half-Life 2 physics engine today?

Then there are the other platform games. I cannot imagine a genre with a greater divide between amazing and awful. While the best of the genre is addictive and exciting, the worst is nearly unplayable. One of the things that makes a platformer bad, in my opinion, is anything that is placed in the game to slow you down. With the Mario and Sonic games, you can win by basically holding right on the d-pad and jumping at the right times. Fast and fun. Addams Family doesn’t have that.

Addams Family

I should also mention that I hate the Addams Family franchise. I have since I was a kid. Somthing about the “weird goth family that makes fart jokes” thing is entirely lost on me. Whenever the movie(s), television series (multiple) or even any commercial came on during those exciting, early Saturday mornings, I would change to another channel. I don’t know why I was so repulsed, but I was. I hated Addams Family.

This game’s no different. You go around, apparently trying to save your family, but it seems more like trying to collect spinning dollar signs and  jumping on ghosts. It was kind of neat when I found this hat that lets me fly, but not much more fun.

Addams Family 2

Addams Family 2

Okay, the first game sucked, but this one actually makes me mad. OOH I AM INSIDE OF A CRYSTAL BALL. I LOVE THAT YOU’VE DECIDED TO CUT OFF LIKE [(h*w) – (pi * r^2)] OF MY SCREEN AND REPLACE IT WITH AN UGLY OLD CROSS-EYED LADY CARTOON. Seriously. What kind of design choice is that? Who was sitting around thinking, “yeah, I have an idea… let’s waste an assload of screen space! Then put shitty “speed punishment” falling spears and stuff! Amazing!!

This is not good for my health. Or my impressions of the Addams Family franchise.

Addams Family Values

Addams Family Values

I have to say one thing about this game– the beginning, which is outside, looks freakishly like a Zelda game, so much so that I was consideringgoing back to check if they stole sprites of bushes. Apparently not, but wow. This game might have some promise, but I didn’t play it very long because I got to the first “boss” in about 3 minutes, died, and didn’t feel like continuing. There’s potential here, though. It does suffer from one major design flaw, though:


That’s all I really got against this one, I suppose. Maybe if I played it any longer, I would like it, but after two terrible, awful Addams Family games,  not to mention two movies and two television series and a bunch of toys surely, I am suprised I gave this stupid title as much of a chance as I did give it.

Monday will see things return to normal around here. I will try my best to do daily on weekends, but I’m not sure how possible it’ll be every weekend. I will keep up on the game-a-day thing, though. Anything I miss I will make up!

3 thoughts on “Addams Family + Addams Family 2 + Addams Family Values

  1. If you have trouble doing this regularly, why not use the WordPress Timestamp feature? It allows you to schedule posts to be published at a preset time, which is very useful for keeping things regular even when you can’t post for a little while.

  2. The Addams Family is a whole lot popular,better and funnier than anything out there.Classy too.I play and watch anything involving that ghoulish series }:)
    They are great and fun games just like any other.
    Who wants to be around a boring brick like you.

  3. Your reviews are terrible, you play games for 30 seconds and just say it was good or it sucked. You have no inkling of real judgement and a terrible sense detail. You explain nothing and think you’re doing yourself and everyone a favor by spending some stupidly short amount of time playing roms. You want to contribute to things then buy the cartridge or at least get a good usb controller and play the games properly because it does make a difference and spend more than the blink of an eye on them.

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