ActRaiser 2

AKA “Hey look I died again.”

I didn’t go into this with a huge amount of expectation, despite what I said some 24 hours ago, because some thoughtful comments said, “don’t get yr hopes up, you crazy bastard.” So I didn’t. Well, good thing, too, because if I had gone in with high expectations, then watched that pretty intro (admittedly one of the best intros to a SNES game I have ever seen), I might have died when I actually started playing the game. Well, I did die, but I mean in real life, not in the game.

Oh, and how I did die. I don’t consider myself a “skilled gamer” by any means, but I’m not bad. This game punished the shit out of me, though. I mean really. If your deaths : minutes ratio is around 1, and that includes stupid menus, you have a problem. It’s like Gears of War or something (which, incidentally, I also played for the first time today on the company Xbox 360. Ehhh, I’m not blown away yet. Well, I was blown away IN GAME…).

ActRaiser 2

Okay, ActRaiser 2 was a bust. I have to admit, though, that angel dude is hot. In a totally hetero, I love 16-bit sprites kinda way. Uhh, honest.

4 thoughts on “ActRaiser 2

  1. I know I am commenting on something 5 years old, but anyways, Actraiser 2 is a motherfucker early on, but once you get the hang of how you fly and attack and shit, it actually really enjoyable, though hard. I think the first stage should have been easier.

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