I can’t believe I am only playing this game for the first time now. I mean, I try and come at all of these games with a fair and unbiased opinion. It’s not easy, because virtually every SNES game has been played by SOMEONE, and someone’s told you why that game is great or awful or mediocre. I have tried my best to play the curmudgeon and go into every game a skeptic, expecting nothing less than disgusting graphics, broken gameplay and a soundtrack that sounds like a digital cat choking on a distorted synthesizer.

ActRaiser, you little devil, you broke me.

This game is awesome. If I didn’t have seven hundred more SNES games to play, I’d give it some serious loving. Alas, the life of a journeyman nostalgist. Seriously, it might just be the beer talking (hot tip: you can drink a can of beer faster if you open it then pop a hole in that part that goes out on a 45º angle from the sides/top. it allows the air to escape, and the brew pours into your mouth like rain into Bangladesh during monsoon season (I like similes like a fat kid love cake)), but this game might be perfect. Not too hard, but not boringly easy. Plus there’s an entire world-building aspect to be explored. Which I would love to do. But that whole 700 games to go thing.

ACTRAISER 2: BIGGER, BETTER, MORE EXPLOSIONS. Tomorrow, let’s see if the sequel lives up to the hype that I just made up in that last sentence.


I don’t know if I’m ready, little angel. I don’t know.

6 thoughts on “ActRaiser


    uhm, you might not want to get your hopes up for AC2 tho

  2. “I can’t believe I am only playing this game for the first time now.”
    Hah! Neither can I. 😛 Agreed though, don’t expect too much out of the second ActRaiser.

  3. Hey,

    Thanks for the comment — apparently that’s a Sega Genesis game though… for now, it’s just SNES games.

    …For now. 🙂

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