ACME Animation Factory

I took a long time writing this entry for two reasons:

1) I didn’t really know how to come at this ‘game,’ since it’s more of a… utility. It’s like Mario Paint. There’s animating, music making, drawing, all that.

2) I wanted to draw you an extra-pretty picture.

ACME Animation Factory

That’s a picture of me with my dream hair (remember Ludwig Von Koopa? I basically want to be him, I figure) doing what I do when I try and use ‘mouse’ type controls (a la ACME Animation Factory or Mario Paint) with a controller: vomitting. Yes, you have to love the eight-way directional freedom of the d-pad for mouse-style cursors! It just makes me want to get CREATIVE, you know? Oh wait, that feeling’s not creativity, it’s ennui. Yeah, ennui! It makes me want to sigh and entertain thoughts about romantic death.

I guess this could be worse. I also made a really awesome song, but I’m not 100% sure how I’d post that for you guys, so I’ll have to figure that out for another time. It kind of sounded like Merzbow if he made retarded Looney Tunes sounds instead of awesome Merzbow sounds.

Tomorrow is Act Raiser, which I have never played, but am looking forward to.


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