ABC Monday Night Football

Games like this make me wish I had said something in my original post, like, “all of the games EXCEPT for junky Mode 7-filled one-off sports titles sponsored by major television network. Well, I learned my lesson. Next time I start an epic, multi-year project that promises to keep me writing silly inane things on the interweb about video games nobody’s played or even looked at in 10+ years, I’ll get it right.

That said, who’s excited to hear about a football game?!

I didn’t think so.

Well, I started playing as the New York Jets, which may have been my first mistake. It started with a coin toss that followed the coin down to the ground in a sequence I can only liken to playing Pilotwings with two arms tied behind your back, a massive hangover and your eyes glued to ball point pens that are spring-loaded to stab you if you try to look away. Yeah, it looks THAT good. Anyway, I lost the coin toss (I ALWAYS pick Tails,… why didn’t I pick it this time?!) so I had to kick the ball. I guess I was supposed to mash the B button at this point. I think I ended up kicking it about 10 yards! Oops.

Then, blah blah blah, passing plays didn’t work right, rushes sucked, nobody got any points… but there’s one magical thing about this game– miss a passing play, and these HEADBANGING DUDES show up on the screen and begin smashing themselves against the benches in pure agony while a football announcer shouts “FORGET IT!”. It’s so stupid, and funny in its stupidity, that it deserves its own YTMND, surely.


Look at the anguish in their little 16-bit faces. I like to imagine all of those little people in the crowd are doing the same thing, and this is just a magnification of a choice few.

What else is there to say? If you want to play a football game, skip this one. I don’t even really play football games, and I think think of AT LEAST two for the SNES that are better (NFL QB Club 96 and Madden [insert any number here]). Now leave me alone. I have to go cry gently to myself after booting this monstrosity up for even a few minutes.

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