AAAHH! Real Monsters!

You know, this game, like the television show, is something I wanted to hate. AAAHH!!! Real Monsters! was a television show by the Klasky Csupo people– the same people who brought us the fun but ultimately disappointing Duckman and the ugly, boring, atrocious cyst on cartoonkind called Rugrats. However, Real Monsters was different– it was a bunch of monsters going to monster school in a sewer. It was funny and cute when it needed to be and it had Tim Curry.

That doesn’t change the fact that licensed games in the 90s were usually somewhere between garbage and almost-garbage, though. Especially games based on Nickelodeon franchises (Did you ever play “Guts”?). Again, though, I was proven wrong by this game: a gross, sewery setting with an interesting, mildly puzzly platformer with Lost Viking-esque control gimmicks.

Of course, it’s not without the typical tropes and failings of a non-Mario platformer for the SNES. There are pipes that spit sewer water at you on seemingly random ‘timers’ (JUST LIKE REAL SEWERS, OH WAIT). occasionally you hit two of them and they are going at alternating times and you have to sneak between them. Except there’s not enough room. Queue the bullshit of having to take a hit to keep progressing. You know, impossible shit to keep you on your toes.

Aside from that though, it’s pretty fun. I recommend checking it out. Knowing Nickelodeon, there are probably still some sort of reruns on there, too, so you can even get the back story. Not that you care. You’re a video gamer player, not a NOVELIST.

AAAHH! Real Monsters!

The orange guy has no holes in his head for his eyeballs so he carries them in his hands. DELICIOUS.

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