7th Saga

Here’s something I’ve wanted to get off my chest for a while:

Nintendo, Mode 7 was the stupidest, ugliest thing you ever rolled out. And that’s coming from someone who saw the second AND third SNES consoles.

Now, I’ve heard that 7th Saga is good. I have a friend who’s beaten it several times. But, if every battle has this atrocious Mode 7 graphic in it, I may throw up before finding a reason to play it. And that’s not just because I’ve had a few beers. But I have. Just putting that out there.

At the start of this game, you get to pick between seven characters (ooh, 7th Saga, Mode 7, 7 characters… I GET IT!) . They’re pretty awesome ‘classes.’ They are ugly, like this game, but they are hilarious. Elf, Human, Dwarf, those dudes make sense. It’s when you get to the giant golem, the demon and the damn ALIEN that it gets weird.

Anyway, I started playing, then I ran out into the world to fight some guys, and the first thing I fought killed me. It was a crow or something. I attacked it about 6 times and missed 5. Not impressed.

Is this game worth anyone’s time? Maybe. I wouldn’t know, I have a game to play a day AND a full-time job, thank you very much. Only RPGs of the very highest caliber will hold my attention for any length of time (I’m looking at you, letter C…). And Mode 7th Saga doesn’t cut it.

7th Saga

This picture is me about to die to a bird. That little blue dot is apparently what it looks like when you miss. Fuck birds.