Every game… ever: the blog.

Hey there, I’m Will. And I’m going to play every game ever. And then I’m going to tell you about it.

Okay, I should probably specify. Not every game ever invented. That would be insane. So here are the specifications:

– Commercially released.
– North American released.
– Available in some capacity.
– By system.

I should specify what I mean by “by system.” I’m going to start by playing every North American commercial SNES game and writing a review. All 700-something of them. To the right you can see them. They’ll get crossed out as I accomplish them. If I actually stick to it, and make it all the way through the list, I will even move to another system. Sega Genesis, perhaps. Then NES. After that, who knows? The sky is the limit.

I’ll warn you, though. Nothing is sacred. Your favourite game? I will slaughter it without mercy and laugh at its 16-bit corpse. And I probably won’t play it long enough to “get” it. I’m warning you now. You know how many games 700+ games are? Uh huh.

Here’s my promise, though: one writeup a day, at least. You demand the best service available. I want you to keep reading, and I figure I can at least be dependable (to make up for the lack of skill at writing even the most basic sentence without losing my train of thought in the middle).

If you’re still here, you either like games, funny things, or have a penchant for following things you don’t care about. Either way, I commend you. Brave reader, you are about to enter a world of pain. Later tonight… 3 Ninjas Kick Back.